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When should I start saving? How do I buy my first car? What’s an interest rate?...If this sounds like you then Claim Your Youth and your credit union have you covered. CYY walks alongside teens empowering us to change the Financial Credit Union CULTURE.
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Financial Literacy Contest Winners
What Is Your Definition of Financial Literacy?
Ethan P., age 17
Financial literacy is, in its purest form, the knowledge of various systems within the economy. However, on a personal level, financial literacy is the key to a successful future. Being confident in your knowledge of self-finance provides more than just monetary benefit; from job opportunities to new hobbies, there is no shortage of pathways opened up by financial literacy. Pecuniary wisdom is an investment not only in the market, but in your future.
Andrea W., age 14
To me, financial literacy is understanding how to earn, spend and save your money wisely. You have to earn money to obtain your needs and wants. Living within your means, and buying only the things you can afford, is crucial as you spend your money. Saving money is very smart because you will have it to spend on things you may need or want in the future. It is important to be financially literate so you can make solid decisions with your money for the rest of your life.